Collaborative Product Development

We're sure you've heard the phrase "A rising tide lifts all boats." That is exactly why we LOVE collaborating with local makers to supply our retail inventory.

From bar soaps+candles to bandanas+tea towels, there is something really magical about working together to create the perfect product for YOU, our customers!

With that being said, we are so excited to announce the arrival of a NEW collaboration with local candle maker Veronica Candle Co. 

Local + Sustainable + Collaborative - these FRAE EXCLUSIVE REFILLABLE+CUSTOMIZABLE candles check all of our boxes!

Select your vessel, select your fragrance - this is YOUR candle.

Designing these items was seriously so fun! Here is how it all came together...

You may recognize Veronica Candle Co. from a pop up shop, festival, or another retailer in the Billings area - Roots Garden Center, Casual Space, and Classy N Sassy Coffee just to name a few. 

To be honest, this was actually a serious hesitation point when deciding to place our order.  We work hard to offer a unique product selection and carrying a candle company that was already very present in the Billings, MT market didn't initially seem like a great idea so... we held off. 

Until about a month ago when Veronica Candle Co. released a new design that we could not pass up. Candle Refills! This concept fits perfectly into our business model of providing sustainable goods for daily living. 

Burn through the candle, reuse the vessel with a new refill, repeat.  We were SOLD.

But how could we make these candles unique so that you (our customers) aren't seeing the exact same thing all around town... hmmmm.

Upon further discussion, we learned that we could get exclusivity on vessel colors as well as fragrances.  Double SOLD.

We're here to tell you, this candle maker HUSTLES.  We went from zero to retail ready in less than a month!  Veronica Candle Co. made the design process a breeze... we were able to select fragrances from a HUGE list, narrow it down to twelve scents to sample, and finally select our top four fragrances.

Rosemary Sage. Currant+Absinthe. Nag Champa. Blood Orange. 

The hand poured concrete vessels are designed around our brand colors of Linen, Indigo, and Terracotta which were matched from our business card logo and we think they work perfectly to blend into any decor style you may have at home. 

To say we're in love with these designs is a serious understatement! We hope you enjoy them too... Available NOW in store at our retail location at Shiloh Commons in Billings, MT or in our online shop.