That is the only word that truly describes how I felt when a young, healthy, vibrant, mother of my six year old nephew, wife to my brother, kick ass sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer in the summer of 2022.

What could I do? How could I support her in this battle?

We shaved our heads and pushed forward. 

In the months to follow more cancer diagnosis came swirling all around:

  • one for a cousin in Seattle
  • one for a farmer friend in northern Montana
  • one for an extended family member in Minnesota
  • one for a child battling terminal brain cancer
  • one for a customers husband
  • one for an auntie in Bozeman
  • one for a friend in Billings

Again I asked myself - WHAT can I do? 

I'm not a doctor. 

My healing powers are limited to listening, empathizing, and lending my shoulder - and while those are very important roles to play, it wasn't enough for me. 

I needed to do more.

My initial thought was NOT "Oh, let's make a bar of SOAP with a naughty word on it!"

We have been selling bars of soap and hosting soap making workshops at Frae with two local soapers as a way to promote the use of local and sustainable goods for your household because of their relatively low environmental impact.  

In our retail space, I recognize that there are certain products that appeal to every type of shopper. A beautiful bar of soap is perfect for gift giving or for personal use in any self care routine.

A brainstorm started brewing during the holiday season but we are in the retail trade so during the hustle, all of those ideas just settled into the back of my brain.

In February of 2023 I attended a networking event and listened to a mother talk about her child being diagnosed with terminal cancer and my heart basically fell out of my chest and broke into a thousand pieces on the floor.

That was the breaking point. All the people suffering. The families, the loss, the grief. That helpless feeling in the pit of my stomach came boiling up again...

In my head, the dialog changed from "What can I do?" to "F*CK'ng do SOMETHING."

So here we are, with some bars of soap and a cheeky label to catch your eye.

With every purchase of our F*CK Cancer bar, a portion of the profits goes towards organizations dedicated to cancer research and support.

Not only will you enjoy the luxurious lather and refreshing scent of this soap, but you'll also feel good knowing that your purchase is making a positive impact.

Join us in the fight against cancer and make a difference with every wash.

Thank you to Maddie for fighting with grace and bravery and for continuing to be an inspiration. The photos below were taken on her final day of treatment where she gifted bars to all of the nurses who have helped her along the way. Can you see why this lady is just so awesome and INSPIRING!? She continues her fight.

These soaps are created by Lone Pine Suds in Billings, Montana - USA

Photos by Aly Kaufman Photography