Farm to Frae

Fresh for the summer season we are collaborating with Midtown Market Garden to bring you the FRESHEST garden goodies in town!!

Every Monday beginning July 10 - September 25 at 5pm we will have a limited supply of weekly FRESH PICK PACKS!  

We love collaborating with local growers and producers to bring you fresh, local goodness and we are so excited about this new partnership. 

Working with local farmers is important to us for a variety of reasons:

  • It supports the local economy by keeping money within the community and creating job opportunities.
  • It promotes sustainable agriculture practices and reduces the carbon footprint of food transportation.
  • Local farmers provide fresher and healthier produce as they are not subjected to long storage and transportation periods.
  • Building relationships with local farmers creates a sense of community and encourages consumers to become more connected with their food sources.

More about this grass roots garden in their own words:

"Midtown Market Garden utilizes no-till, chemical-free practices. Our goal is to leave the land better off than it was the day we started. We sow & harvest by hand and operate with a minimal waste mentality. We fertilize the soil using local, organic compost and natural nutrient broth derived from the fermentation of a variety of local food scraps collected from households and businesses in the Billings and Red Lodge areas. We sell products that we feel good about feeding to our children and that we believe will bring joy to your kitchen and table."

You can visit their website for additional information at: